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National Guard Enlistment Length

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Serve your country in the Air National Guard and enjoy the freedom to pursue a full-time civilian career without giving up military benefits like a retirement plan and insurance. CONTINUE SERVING Whether you’re currently an active-duty member of the armed forces, or honorably separated from any branch of the service, you can enjoy the.

 · All enlistment contracts with the US Military are for eight years, or longer if the needs of the service require it to be extended. When you sign up, you can partition that eight years in different ways. Very common is a 4 year active/4 year inactive reserve. Some services will allow a 2 year active / 6 year reserve, but most like at least 3 years.

Enlistment Contract Options. While most Army enlistment contracts feature a four-year active duty component, the length of an individual soldier’s contract depends on several factors. For example, some Army programs offer active duty enlistment contracts of two, three or six years.

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Air National Guard Recruiting An Air National Guard recruiter walks new recruits through the enlistment process. marine corps Recruiting Sgt. Hodges, a Marine Corps recruiter in Boston, discusses with potential applicants the career opportunities available in the Marine Corps.

ARLINGTON, Va. – Since 2005, the number of Army National Guard enlistees has grown due in large part to enlistment bonuses ranging from $2,000 to $15,000. But that will change March 1 as the Army Guard restructures the way it pays out those bonuses.

New York Army National Guard Enlistment/Reenlistment Bonuses. Governor Andrew Cuomo | Major General Raymond F. Shields Jr. Enlistment/Reenlistment Bonuses. New York National Guard. Army National Guard. 42nd Infantry Division; 27th Brigade Combat Team. 6 year enlistment, minimum AFQT 31.

Joining the National Guard(Process) The OCS Enlistment Option. If you are not a member of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve, or an armed forces veteran, you can enlist for Officer Candidate School. If you qualify, you will attend the US Army’s Basic Combat Training and begin the next scheduled Officer Candidate School upon completion of BCT.

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It’s a 24/7 commitment for the length of your enlistment. When you join the Guard, you will be required to attend a paid drill one weekend a month and attend paid annual training for two. When airmen near the end of their enlistment, they have the opportunity to choose whether to extend their active-duty commitment for 24 months, or join the Air National Guard or air force reserve for the same length of time.

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